What is LightForce?

We have decided to “up” our game here at Happier Smiles Orthodontics with LightForce Braces – the first truly digital system for braces, from taking digital scans of your teeth to the production of your braces components. They’re 100% customized for your smile! This makes treatment more efficient and comfortable, resulting in fewer appointments and faster treatment times. 

How LightForce Braces work?

Your orthodontic journey with LightForce braces is entirely digital. It starts with taking digital scans of your teeth – no uncomfortable and messy rubber impressions. Fully customizing the brackets gives us total control over their movement, making treatment faster and more efficient than traditional metal braces. The brackets are then 3D printed and placed by your orthodontist using 3D printed trays. These trays will guide your orthodontist on where to place each bracket on each tooth precisely. 

Shorter Treatment Times

With custom 3D-printed braces that fit perfectly to your individual teeth, treatment time can be shortened by up to 50%.

Fully Customized

Every bracket is designed and 3D-printed to fit your tooth’s specific anatomy and bite to achieve ideal esthetics.

Superior Comfort

It uses the most sophisticated 3D-printing technology to ensure every bracket fits your teeth perfectly!


✔️ Brackets are made specifically to each patient

✔️ Precise planning of treatment

✔️ Discreet appearance

✔️ Optimum results

✔️ Shorter treatment durations

✔️ Fewer office visits